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Start to Consign Today

  We only consign items we think will appeal to our customers.  Due to the high volume of items presented and limited floor space, we are unable to accept everything brought to us.



  You may bring in small items without approval, keep in mind, that if not accepted you will be asked to take them or let us donate them for you.


  Large items: We would love to see pictures first.  You may email us your pictures: 

Large items do require pre-approval and a scheduled appointment due to space limitations.  You may bring the items by, but if we aren't able to take them as a walk-in, please understand that you may be asked to take them back with you. 

Because a photo might not clearly depict an item, we will not price items directly from photos.  We may, under certain circumstances, give a price range the item may sell for. However, this is not a guarantee that your item will sell at this price, just an estimation.

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