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We make it simple!  Consigning with Switch is the best way to sell your unwanted items.  We do the work, you get a check.

Specializing in Consigning & Selling
    Your Home Furnishing & Treasures!    

Hassle-Free. No strangers to your home.

Huge exposure to showroom traffic, advertising
   and social media.

Computerized inventory tracking.         

It's socially responsible and environmentally friendly.

We are accepting new consignment upon available
space and demand for items that are consigning. 

Due to the overwhelming supply/demand for
consignment.  Effect 01/01/2021

Consignment Period: 75 Days* 

50% commission

*Note:  Items in high demand, may be extended an additional 15 days at a 40% commission.

stop by our showroom or call for details

Showroom    480-664-0580

popular items in demand

  • Home Office Furniture

  • Outdoor Patio Furniture

  • Contemporary Furniture & Home Decor

  • Mirrors, Lamps, Wall Decor

  • Name Brands

  • Childrens Furniture

  • Living Room, Bedroom

  • Collectibles, China, Treasures

Consignment Tips

Consignment is a partnership.  Switch strives to get you the highest possible price for your items.


      Better Price Range = Quicker Sale + Better Condition = Better Price

      We've built our reputation on offering clean and ready to-use-inventory.

      Our buyers are discriminating and want clean, odor-free and functioning items, just like you would                want. 

            Please clean your items before bringing them to us.

               Vacuum all upholstery

               Dust all wood furniture

               Empty all drawers and cabinets, 

               Repair or replace broken hardware

               Touch up extreme scratches and blemishes

               Rugs must be cleaned, free of stains and odors


      We reserve the right to refuse items upon arrival if they are not clean and in good condition.
      Pictures do not always reflect the true condition of the item.


      A minimum of $35 fee will be deducted from commission for any cleaning and/or repair of an item
      otherwise not presentable for resale.  This includes vacuuming under cushions to remove food
       crumbs pet hair and excessive dust, cleaning of inside dusty drawers. 
           We do not replace missing handles and knobs, fix furniture scratches, watermarks, stain or tears.

What we accept

We accept quality furnishings that are in very good to like-new condition.  Acceptance of consignment is always dependent on condition, ability to resell and space availability.  We love the brands you love, we do ask that the items are clean, no pet hair/odors or smoke odors, just like you would want. We've built our reputation on offering clean, affordable and ready-to-use inventory.


We accept:

      Furniture (Armoires & glass top tables may not be accepted due to low demand and resale value)




      Home Decor Items

      Patio & Garden
      Custom Bedding upon approval


What we cannot accept

Some items have been proven to have no resale value.

We do not accept:

      Infant Furniture (Cribs, Strollers, Bedding, etc.)

      Pet Supplies

      Exercise Equipment

      Water Beds or used Mattress/Box Springs

      Electronics old than 3 years

      Furniture damaged from smoke, pets, soiled missing parts, etc.

      Drapes, Curtains, or Curtain Rods

      Blankets, Bedding, or Towels
      Vintage furniture with excess wear and broken parts
              (Note: We do not get vintage/antique prices that you may see online, we get what the customer
                         is willing to pay for the item.)


Email pictures or call the store if you're unsure your items will qualify for consignment.

What to expect when you consign

     Consigning with us is fun and easy.  We make it a simple process for you, we will do the work, you get a               check when your items sell.


     Like you, we want to get the most that we can for your items.  We price at a fair resale market value.  Our            pricing specialist will evaluate your items with consideration to condition, style, color, brand/manufacturer          and demand of the item along with current retail pricing and our sales history of like items.  It is the market's      response to an item that truly set the final selling price.


     Is consignment the right choice for you when you are ready to part with your collected treasures?  Over the         years we have learned a few things about home consignment that we can share.  This will be helpful to those      who are new to consignment or haven't consigned in a while to help you enjoy the consigning experience.


     People seeking to consign a bedroom set they purchased 5 years, that is still in showroom condition, current      in design and trend has an excellent chance of selling at Switch.  That said, the gently used furniture does
     not command the same high prices of new furniture.  Not even close.  Buyers are very savvy and know what
     a piece is worth, if it is overpriced they will walk away.  Warning: You will be disappointed if you expect to
     recoup what you originally paid, including tax and shipping. Furniture experiences depreciation just
     like automobiles. Better Condition = Better Prices.  


     The consigning experience is most satisfying when you are emotionally ready to let it go.  Consigning is a            great way to recycle, support local small businesses, then donating it to a large non-profit chain store, or             giving your furniture away.  Joy is knowing that the pieces are going to someone else that will enjoy and               appreciate like you did, and earning some extra cash in the process.



Consignor Pickup Policy

     Consignor acknowledges that leaving items at Switch, is giving consent to consign and sell items as outlined in the terms for a period of 75 days.  Terminating the Consignment Service Agreement before 90 days will result in an early termination fee of 15% per item payable to Switch Consignment before items are released to the consignor.  Items that were consigned with the free pick up program, if retrieved, the pick up must be paid back to Switch before the item may be retrieved. 

     It is the Consignor's responsibility to track contract period expiration dates.  You may contact us at any time by emailing  or completing the Account Inquiry Form
or stopping by the store.  We may not always be able to answer your questions by phone as we work on limited staffing to keep our consignment commission high.  Emailing is best to check on your account.

     Unsold items may have the option of a contract extension with store management approval or must be retrieved within 5 days after the Consignment Period expiration date. A  $2 fee/per item is owed to Switch at the time items are retrieved to cover the cost of handling, marketing, and services while on consignment.   No item will be pulled off the sales floor unless a $15/per item/per day storage fee is paid to Switch.  Items that were consigned with the free pick up program, if retrieved, the pick up must be paid back to Switch before the item may be retrieved.  
      Switch Consignment will handle the donation to a local charity for you after contract expiration, a donation slip will be available upon request.    Check out the local charities we support here.

     The consignor must provide ID and pay all fees owed to Switch before the item is released to the consignor.


     The consignor shall be responsible for locating their own items being retrieved. Switch Consignment is unable to provide boxes, packing material, supplies, or assistance.  Consignors will need to bring any packing materials, boxes, and assistance for packing & removing their items from the store.


Switch Consignment serves the metro Phoenix areas. The savvy shopper will find consigned furniture, new furniture, home decor, collectibles, china, lighting, art, one-of-a-kinds, and treasures.

Scottsdale Road

14202 N Scottsdale Rd

Acoma & Scottsdale Rd

Scottsdale, AZ 85254



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